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Supply of Supplementary Foods

Supply of Supplementary Foods

Xen General Suppliers is a leading supplier of supplementary foods in Kenya. We are in partnership with a wide range of Global Supplementary Food manufacturers offering an entire range of supplementary foods.
We supply Supplementary Foods to Government Entities and NGO,s all over East Africa. We also supply to Schools, Pre-schools, Institutions, and Churches.

Unimix CSB

This is a precooked blend of maize and soya fortified with vitamins and minerals, and which sometimes has sugar or not, depending on the Client’s orders specifications. The vitamins and minerals are included as per the specification of UNICEF and WFP.
This product is widely used for supplementary feeding for emergency nutrition intervention in famine stricken areas, school feeding programs and hospitals.

We supply three classes of Supplementary Foods namely below:

Fortified Supplementary Foods
Therapeutic Food(rutf)
Supplemental Food(rusf)

Our strong ethical procurement strategies together with our flexibility, reliability and rapid response rate makes us one of the procurement suppliers of choice for the NGOs, Governmental and Defence agencies. Our skills are essential to clients that regularly encounter challenges where schedules, budgets and transportation access are concerned.

There is no time to waste in times of crisis so our established supply networks and logistics expertise ensures we solve the unique supply challenges that come along.

We emphasize on our corporate responsibilities and honorable business practices complements NGO’s & Governmental ethical policies and the importance of forging trustworthy partnerships within International Aid.

Supplementary Foods
supplementary foods